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Key Ng

20th April, Bandar Utama - Into its 17th year, the Malaysian Official Designers Association (MODA) returns with a bang this April with a more exciting line-up of events. A joint effort together with the Textile & Fashion Federation (Singapore) TaFf and various Malaysian corporate sponsors, it is now time to celebrate the creative collaboration of fashion, lifestyle and education of FASHION GATEWAY.


FASHION GATEWAY looks to provide the opportunity to showcase individual passion & creativity, business opportunities and as a stepping stone for brighter future & career path. The objective is  to making this event are as follows;

To educate and elevate the current standards within the industry
To create opportunity for young, enthusiastic and creative individuals
To communicate the importance of Fashion to the future of Malaysia's thriving fashion industry
To drive togetherness, communication and interaction between fashion and beauty professionals.

Von Jolly

FASHION GATEWAY consists of the Malaysia Young Designers' Competition (MYDC) , Malaysia Young Models Competition (MYMC) and MODA Unity Fashion Showcase.

Bon Zainal

The Malaysian Young Designers' Competition (MYDC) is to promote Ready to Wear (RTW). It is to discover young talents creativity, contemporary designs and encourage careers nationwide. Winning this competition provides a chance of a lifetime opportunity for him/her to represent Malaysia in the Asian Young Fashion Designers' Contest (AYFDC). Past notable participants of this competition include Gillian Hung, Melinda Looi, Khoon Hooi, Jonathan Cheng, Nazleen Noor and Jasmi Rejab.

Calven Ong

Malaysia Young Model Competition (MYMC) for the first time ever that Malaysian models compete on the CATWALK for top honors, the competition intends to provide a platform for aspiring models to compete and become recognized, as with private sector support and worthy sponsorships, the entrants can get a foothold in the often very competitive fashion world, where it is extremely difficult and near impossible to establish a career in modeling.

Daniel Chong

MODA "UNITY" Fashion Showcase, an annual event where the fashion industry showcase, educate, inform and promote Malaysian designers and brands locally and globally. "UNITY" is designed to support and encourage professional development within Kuala Lumpur's Fashion Community. "UNITY" is an opportunity for the "Fashion Conscious Public" to view the extensive growth of Malaysian Designers and Malaysian Brands.

Dominique Chan

Among the illustrious names to be participating in the showcase includes; Brands: Mira Zarna, Jarumas, Jendela Batik, Kapas Couture, Noor Arfa, Radioactive, Sorted, Von Jolly.

Melinda Looi

Desiqners:, Amanda Brown, Amir Luqman, Beatrice Looi, Bill Keith, Bon Zainal, Carven Ong , Cherman Woon, Calvin Thoo, Daniel Cho, Daniel Chong, Dominique Chan, Donna Chew, Doreen Tan, Jonathan Cheng, Key Ng, Khoon Hooi, Lester Wong, Michael Ong, Melinda Looi, Nazleen Noor, Orson Liyu, Ridzuan Bohari, Richard Tsen, Scott Chu, Terrenz Soo, Tom Abang Saufi, Venie Tee, William Liew, Winnie Liew, and Zang Toi

Khoon Hooi









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