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Amir Luqman Haute Couture Collection
Revealed At MASiF 2010



16th September, Kuala Lumpur. Capital city of Malaysia is vastly become one of the fashion capitals in Asia, Kuala Lumpur provides a platform for a wide diversity of different fashion elements. The three major elements Malay, Chinese and Indian make up a blend of intriguing Malaysian culture. The married cluster of different ethnicity backgrounds are brought together in a harmoniously unification. Fashion, like no other sees the combination of these three main ethnic groups and that what makes Malaysian style unique. Amir Luqman has revealed its latest collection, KLasia 2010/2011 Haute Couture Collection at Music, Arts and Style International Festival (MASiF) 2010 to celebrate this uniqueness.

For MASIF 2010, Amir Luqman unveils one of the elements in Malaysian culture, India. Reflecting the richness of Indian culture, sarees are used as a medium to interpret art into fashion. These sarees exhibit the true craftsmanship and artistry of the Indian people that are known for its elaborateness and flamboyance. The lush embroidery, luxurious beadwork, rich embellishments and colourful patterns all define the true Indian splendour. amirluqman tries to highlight the intricacy of the details of these sarees by showcasing them at its best.

The immense assortments of designs by each culture are merged together to produce Asian Fusion fashion. Asian Fusion is the new buzz in the fashion world. This Asian Fusion formula is what we see on runways nowadays. Combining the different elements of ethnic groups, Asian Fusion has taken the world by storm.

In conjunction with the 1 Malaysia theme, this collection was created to define the true spirit of Malaysia diversified and fashionable. amirluqman took the initiative to introduce the amirluqman KLasia 2010/2011 "l Malaysia" Collection. Derived from the word "classy" and "Asia", KLasia brings the Asian Fusion formula to a whole another level. High fashion and Asian Fusion comes together to create these one of a kind pieces. This collection showcases the true meaning of 1 Malaysia and it also upholds the different cultures in Malaysia. By combining all the fundamentals in fashion, amirluqman hopes that the collection will showcase Asian Couture in all its glory. These couture pieces are inspired by the love of high quality materials that are easily attainable in Asia and also all the Asian elements that what makes Malaysia distinctive from others. Asian Couture inspired by Asians for Asians and the world.

The Amir Luqman KLasia 2010/2011 Collection consist of a series of traditional inspired pieces that are blended with different cultural elements in Malaysia. The main fabric, sarees are given a twist when combined with silk and Amir Luqman self-made fabrics. These high end pieces are carefully crafted in contemporary designs while retaining its traditional elements. Most of the hues employ are from the palettes of Indian ethnicity which are strong, bold and iridescent. These exclusive pieces are matched with Amir Luqman's signature colour - pink. Pink is also the corporate colour of Amir Luqman.

Not only in response to the 1 Malaysia theme, the Amir Luqman KLasia 2010/2011 collection supports the MASiF 2010 to introduce Malaysian Music, Arts and Style International Festival to the world. Merging all the right elements together, Amir Luqman believes Malaysian fashion will be stronger in years to come.



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