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 Glamorous Red Carpet ever,
MODA Celebrates 20 years In Style.




20th July Kuala Lumpur; Malaysian Official Designers Association (MODA) celebrates it's 20th Anniversary recently at Pavilion KL. This year, celebration is presented by and Samsung. Two decades since the establishment of Malaysian Official Designers Association (MODA) in lifestyle of fashion, beauty and education also collaborates with partners such as; Shu Uemura, Redken, Pavilion KL, Tangs, NTV7, Belvedere Vodka, Heineken, Delicious, Zouk KL, Cilia & Associates and Blitz Production.

MODA's annual event provides greatest opportunity to showcase individual passion & creativity, business opportunities and as a stepping stone for brighter future & career path. Beauty & Fashion Gateway putting Malaysia's fashion industry in the world stage. One of objective celebrates together with the Beauty and Fashion industry is to create the hype for the entire fashion & beauty industry. Meanwhile it also generates excitement among public of the fashion scene in Malaysia, while educate and elevate the current standards within the industry. Each individual designers would able to showcase passion & creativity and to get people excited about a homegrown Malaysian fashion brand. While MODA's motto also to get people proud to wear a home grown brand.

MODA's fashion extravanganza create business opportunity for fashion designers, fashion retailers, stylist, wholesalers, buyers, fashion students, merchandisers and related industry practitioner. It helps to create opportunity for young, enthusiastic and creative individuals to enter the competition. MODA strive building interaction between fashion and beauty professionals.

An annual event, MODA "UNITY" Fashion Showcase is a brainchild of MODA's effort for fashion industry to showcase, educate, inform and promote Malaysian designers and brands locally and globally. "UNITY" is designed to support and encourage professional development within Kuala Lumpur's Fashion Community. "UNITY" will be an opportunity for the "Fashion Conscious Public" to view the extensive growth of Malaysian Designers and Malaysian Brands.

Among the veteran designers joining celebrates 20 years of fashion extravaganza are Michael Ong, Eric Choong, Andrew Gan, Zang Toi, Bill Keith, Sonny San, Edmund Ser, and Alvin Tang. The celebrations are also includes Malaysia designers with; Alvin Tay, Amir Luqman, Beatrice Looi, Carven Ong, Daniel Cho, Dominique Chan, Eve, Jonathan Cheng, Jovian Mandagi, Justin Yap, Karl Ng, Kenneth Vernon, Keith Kee, Key Ng, Khoon Hooi, Melinda Looi, Nazleen Noor, Nurita Harith, Rico Rinaldi, Scott Chu, Syamir lzwa, Terrenz Soo, Venie Tee and William Liew. Among the Malaysian fashion brands taking part during event are Gallo, Jendela KL, Kapas Couture, Sorted, Noir and Malaysian top stylist, Alien Gan.

"Entertaining as ever. our channel keeps close to the urban pulse, ntv7 play a important role in promoting the country's evolving fashion industry." says ntv7 General Manager, Airin Zainul."NTV7 is proud being a media partner for MODA's 20th Anniversary celebrations. Fashion extravaganza showcase all things related to the fashion industry makes a right channel targetting urbanites" added Airin Zainul.

Founded in 1990, a non profit association has become Malaysia's foremost fashion designers under The Malaysian Official Designers Association (MODA). Currently lead by president Gillian Hung, MODA aims develop the fashion industry, and provide a platform for Malaysian fashion professionals. MODA is the voice representing the interests of fashion professionals while maintain nurture the growth in fashion industry.



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