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“The Dream Makers Club” Spring Summer 2010 Collection
by Jimmy Lim



8th November, Kuala Lumpur; Award-winning fashion designer Jimmy Lim, awarded the prestigious title of ‘Fashion Design Ambassador’ at New Zealand Fashion Week presented his latest Spring/Summer 2010 showcase collection entitled ‘The Dream Makers Club’ at Malaysia International Fashion Week recently.

His Spring/Summer 2010 collection, ‘The Dream Makers Club” inspired by fantasy fable characters and music, featuring an energetic showcase of fresh new cuts, silhouettes and prints reflecting attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship. The collection also combines pieces made from organic material, including authentic New Zealand horse hair.

“I have incorporated natural fibres of New Zealand horse hair into my collection for the first-time. There is much interest in natural fibres from down-under in the fashion scene internationally, and I decided to work with New Zealand horse hair for both its uniqueness and durability”, says Lim.

After ten years of notable collections, Malaysian-born Lim’s garments portray an effortless chic, designed for wearers who want to wear attitude like a uniform to give definition to their identity. The philosophy behind Lim’s designs is to ‘play’ without restrictions, enabling garments to be mixed and matched by the wearer to create a truly personal style.

The first-glimpse of Lim’s latest collection were shown as the ‘curtain unveil’ show at Malaysia International Fashion Week at the Pavilion Hall in Kuala Lumpur.



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