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ELLE Magazine Thailand Promotes Fashionable City of Bangkok.  




Pisit , ELLE Fashion Week 2009, Autumn/ Winter.

ELLE Magazine Thailand brings an international quality centre stage to Bangkok in support for Thailand designers to launch and showcase their latest collections to the audience.  Country's leading international fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine, restates its status as the leader in the Thai fashion industry by hosting ELLE Fashion Week 2009 Autumn/Winter at CentralWorld Shopping Mall.


Asava , ELLE Fashion Week 2009, Autumn/ Winter.

Fashion week was held from 15th to 18th October, 2009 and was successfully host with main sponsors CentralWorld Shopping Mall, Bobbi Brown, The Bangkok Post, Laurier, PM Center and Samsung. "Having worked extremely hard to support local designers by organizing ELLE Fashion Week for over 10 years, we at ELLE are very proud to be able to continue doing what we first intended to do - to be a centre stage for designers to showcase their work. Even in this economic situation, we felt it was essential that we created the best venue with international quality light, sound, and stage for our designers. States Kullawit Laosuksri, Editor-in-chief, ELLE Magazine Thailand.


Olanor , ELLE Fashion Week 2009, Autumn/ Winter.


"Now more than ever that it is important for Thai people to support our local designers. ELLE Fashion Week acts as a key part to draw attention to the extraordinary and talented Thai fashion designers. I want people who come to see the show to see the creativity and quality of the works of our designers and with that, I hope it can translate into substantial, long-term benefits for the designers and the retail business." added Kullawit.


Kloset , ELLE Fashion Week 2009, Autumn/ Winter.

Collections that shown in ELLE Fashion Week 2009 Autumn/Winter at CentralWorld are from many renowned and new designers such as Kai , Pisit , Nagara , Zenithorial , 27 Friday , Senada , Asava , Disaya , Kloset Red Carpet , Sretsis , Vatit Itthi , Olanor , Runway to Realway by CentralWorld. And the new talents to be presented this year supported by DEP are Phonthip, Innocence, Under Dog Fight Back, Ziff, Wonder Anatomie, Flow, Saprang, Painkiller, Aztique and Pilantha.








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