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STYLO Premieres With KL Tourism Action Council
and The Madrid Tourism Board .  



Mercedes-Benz, Dato' Nancy Yeoh - President and CEO of STYLO Inteternational flanked by models wearing Michael Ong designs.
Picture courtesy of STYLO International.

STYLO Fashion Grand Prix KL ‘ 09 will set to flag fashion scene in Kuala Lumpur from the 28th of March till 5th of April 2009. The fashion grand prix promises blend of fashion, after-parties, style icons, fashionistas and racing enthusiasts together under one roof.


Collaboration between KL Tourism Action Council and Madrid Tourism Board, STYLO returns as one of the main highlights of the 11th Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix. Following its success in KL last year and its subsequent showing at the first-ever F1 night race in the world held in Singapore.


Mercedes-Benz is main presenter of the fashion grand prix. The co-presenter of this year’s STYLO is the KLGP City which collaborate with STYLO to jump-start the fashion grand prix. KLGP Couture and Cuisine Festival held also at the Lake Gardens on the 28th and 29th of March 2009.


The other sponsors complete the line-up are Visa, the KL Tourism Action Council, Tourism Malaysia, The Edge, Turismo Madrid (Madrid Tourism Board), British India, Stage cosmetics, 8TV, KPMG and Hap Seng Consolidated. Other collaborators include jeweller to the stars, Mouawad and its sister brands, Heidi Klum Jewellery and Roberge Fine watches. Caran d’Ache and Hilton Kuala Lumpur.


The family of STYLO Fashion Grand Prix, KL 2009.
Pictures courtesy of STYLO International.


‘Unlike fashion weeks that concentrate purely on fashion presentations and trade showcases, STYLO is blending together fashion, glamorous parties, music, and all things lifestyle within a tailor-made and sometimes unexpected environment. The idea behind this is to essentially create fashion excitement within the different corners of our beautiful city during the Formula 1 season. For this reason STYLO is taking opportunity to fully showcase local fashion scene in beautiful city with the fabulous creative designers and young talents of our country has to offer when the eyes of the world are watching Formula 1 in Malaysia.' said Dato’ Nancy Yeoh, President and CEO of STYLO.


The fashion grand prix kicks off at the KL Lake Gardens which is known as the STYLO Fashion Village. It is located within the distance of the Parliament House which host ‘Style Village’ for KLGP’s Couture and Cuisine Festival and the 11,000 square feet fashion-tainment space iconic “STYLO Fashion Cube” to accommodate the line-up of fashion shows, entertainment and after-parties.


"STYLO Fashion Cube" is 11,000 square feet fashion marquee built for the
fringe event held at the KL Lake Gardens.
Pictures courtesy of STYLO International.


The STYLO Fashion Grand Prix, KL 09’ will take place in 4 different locations within the capital city. Other STYLO venues will be the Mercedes-Benz Autohaus at Hap Seng Star, Vodafone Mercedes McLaren bash and final event will be held at undisclosed location.


Aiming to introduce new designers to the fashion industry, STYLO it will be this year’s Presenter of MODA’s Young Designers Competition (MYDC). STYLO is working together with the Bumiputera Designers Association and the Malaysian Official Designers Association (MODA) to help further strengthen their mission and platform for Malaysian designers to introduce market them self in global market. These initiatives are part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) exercise that STYLO has undertaken to promote Malaysian designers

Turismo Madrid (Madrid Tourism Board) will fly in 3 of Madrid’s top fashion designers; Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Maria Lafuente and Angel Schlesser for their fashion showcase. They will be accompanied Madrid's fashion supermodels, world-class musicians and performers as well as members from Madrid’s established media powerhouses.

Apart from the Madrid designers, STYLO FGPKL ’09 will showcase over 30 Malaysian fashion designers, labels and several designers from around the region. The Malaysian designers are Melinda Looi, Khoon Hooi, Jendela KL, Alvin Tay, Beautrice Looi, Venie Tee, Scott Chu, Daniel Chong and many more.




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