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STYLO Fashion Grand Prix
To Mark KL F1 Grand Prix.  



Picture archive: STYLO INTERNATIONAL president Datuk Nancy Yeoh founded STYLO in 2008.

The inaugural STYLO KL Fashion Grand Prix will be held from 28th March to 4th April as one of twelve spectacular events of Kuala Lumpur Grand Prix City Festival 2009 over a six-week period which will be the largest festival held in conjunction with the Formula One Grand Prix to date.


The fashion festival is expected to attract thousands of fashionista people for the showcase of Malaysian, regional and international style talents. The Designers list includes Tom Abang Saufi, Bill Keith, Michael Ong, Jendela KL, Khoon Hooi, Melinda Looi, Albert King and international designers flown in from Madrid are Armaya Arzuaga, Agatha Ruiz, Angel Schlesser and Maria Lafuente. 


The KLGP Couture and Cuisine Festival on 28th and 29th March at the same location is expected to sweeten the STYLO Fashion Week.

STYLO Fashion Grand Prix was founded and is organize by STYLO INTERNATIONAL president Datuk Nancy Yeoh. STYLO Fashion Grand Prix, to be held at the Lake Garden, is join organized by Kuala Lumpur Tourism Action Council to celebrate the 11 years of Malaysian Formula One Grand Prix. Details for more info, visit STYLO INTERNATIONAL





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