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Singapore  Fashion Festival

Rapunsale A Fashionista's Fairytale come true




Singapore Fashion Festival 2008 will be launched on 28th March and a rooftop shopping bazaar known as Rapunsale happens twice a year and this year, under the invitation of the Singapore Fashion Festival, Rapunsale will be an official fringe event.

This special SFF08 edition of Rapunsale will keep to the usual off-beat & quirky style of previous Rapunsales but with a touch of high-fashion pizzazz. It will feature a talk-of-the-town fashion showcase cum bazaar with the hottest cult labels this season. Rapunsale herself is making an appearance for the very first time in a fairytale-like fashion showcase. Princes from far & wide will try their best to woo Rapunsale from her ivory tower, offering her an array of stunning apparel to win her heart, mind & soul. Every girl needs to have options and she will not be disappointed what with the diverse range of styles that will definitely melt her heart and sway her will.

Brands that will be walking down the runway are the fiery Brazilian flavour of Beijaflor, edgy and funky togs from Thailand’s flourishing label De Veen, Fred Perry’s unique street style, the uncluttered clean lines of Style: Nordic and coveted cult jeans from Bread & Butter. The runway will be in the billboard opposite Loof, where the models will be traipsing within to give the audience a truly novel runway experience.

Other labels participating in this exclusive invite-only bazaar are celebrated local labels like Hansel & Nicholas, uber chic accessories label L’artichaut and Australian cult make-upbrand Model Co.

Goodie bags will be handed out to customers who spend $100 or more on purchases charged to their Citibank credit cards, limited to 500 bags.

In addition to the already exciting array of activities, winner of the President Young Talent award & Grand Prix award at the 2000 Nagoya International Design Competition – Jienshu -will feature his dreamy outdoor furniture on Loof’s very own ‘patio’. His furniture, practical &enchanting at the same time, lends a mythical air to the event. They will be on display for a month from 5th April 2008.


Loof is a bar on a roof. Skit around the caged tree at the entrance, slip into an edgy mix of down tempo electronica. Lie down, peer through the glass into the space below. Row over, take in the star sprinkled sky. Float through wood and steel and transition from the world outside, into an air-conditioned glass gallery with the city on display. Loof is designed as a refuge for the bedraggled office worker, a respite for the brilliant mind, a sanctuary for fools, a canvas for the budding artist, and the launch pad for a brilliant night.

The Stuff Room

The Persona Boutique started out with helping young talents as its objective – providing a platform for budding designers to test their creativity and show off their creations. Now, The Persona Boutique has grown and evolved, bringing to everyone the stuff room (coming Jan2008)the stuff room is a retail project that combines the young designers from Singapore with those around the region, set against the backdrop of quirky and cute lifestyle ware and pop art. It will be an explosion of colour and fun that will blend together seamlessly because creativity is the essential binding force – a force that our young designers can tap into just by displaying their creations alongside products of like-minded designers from all over. Our store will be full of seemingly random stuff that appeals to us and to everyone else who appreciates style and originality, and the stuff room is overflowing with just that– boundless originality! Some adjectives for you: Our Clothes: stylish, superb quality, accessibility, happiness inducing, attention to details, unique, moldable to fit your own sense of style. Life style Ware: cute, quirky, fall-in-love-with-immediately, eye grabbing accessorizing, fun, happiness inducing, extremely useful, can’t do without them ever after. Pop Art: original, wonderful, amazing, attention attracting, encourages impulse buying.

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