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STYLO Fashion Comes Alive With
Old Shanghai.  





Photos by Chow KF 

The second night of STYLO KL Fashion Festival 2008 saw the Old Shanghai of the 1920s, acclaimed as the `Paris of the East' during that era coming alive at the STYLO Fashion Cube.



Presented by MasterCard Worldwide together with the leading business publication The Edge, 'Les Nuits Shanghai' (Shanghai Nights) feaiureci the dreamy, laidback and sensual designs of top couturier Michael Ong complimented by CORUM Watches, the luxury timepieces that blend perfectly with today's modern lifestyle.


All the romanticism, glamour, and seduction of old Shanghai were reenacted in a dazzling display of cheongsams, cigarettes on metre-long holders and opium beds (sans the opiate!) with gentlemen in long Chinese robes or bow-tied suits congregating to celebrate an era that is still being resurrected along the Bund today in brand new Shanghai.


Said Dato' Nancy Yeoh, CEO and President of STYLO in her speech, "Shanghai before World War 2 was the ultimate destination in Asia as it was China's most prosperous and successful city. Its port was truly cosmopolitan and the city itself was full of intrigue where various quarters and foreign concessions plotted and schemed for their own hidden agenda. Spies were everywhere and Shanghai glittered like no other city in Asia. It was like Rome before the fall! You can be assured 'Shanghai Nights' will be a night to remember fondly years from now".


Following the end of night's fashion gala, guests were then ushered to an enchanting after-show party themed `Raise the Red Lanterns'! at the STYLO Red Room located on the 2nd Floor of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

"The name is a witty take on the block buster movie and we will re-create a clean and legit opium den inside the STYLO Red Room" adds Yeoh. "Guests to this exclusive party will be taking a step backward into time some 80 years ago. The atmosphere and mood will be Shanghai in the swinging twenties and live music will be provided by well-known local songbird Yudi who specializes in classical songs. Yudi will be warbling all the famous, familiar songs of yesteryears and it will be a very nostalgic trip down memory lane, even for the twenty-somethings!".





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