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Dr. Ken Yeang Winner Of The International Ecostyle Award
For Green Design.





The ecoStyle Award was established to honour several leading international designers from fashion, architecture and the product design stream by acknowledging their creativity and efforts to present stylish environmentally sustainable initiatives and opportunities to the world. Effectively the ecoStyle Award is a global search for the most environmentally friendly and stylish innovators in design. Other international nominees for the inaugural ecoStyle Award included Anna Cohen, Jurlique, Knoll, Q Collections, Stella McCartney and Terra Plana.

The ecoStyle Award, an initiative by ecoStyle, is a joint venture by NYC Inc. and IMG Fashion. It is supported by both Tourism Malaysia and Earth Pledge. Malaysia has been acknowledged as one of the most pro-active developing countries in Asia in adopting environmental policies is took its role of environmental spokesperson one step further by supporting and hosting the ecoStyle Award.

One of the world's leading architects in ecological and passive low energy design, Malaysian Dr. Ken Yeang was announced the winner of the inaugural ecoStyle Award. Dr. Yeang was announced the winner by ecoStyle's Royal Patron YAM Tunku Laxamana Tunku Dato' Seri Utama Naquiyuddin ibni Tuanku Ja'afar All Haj at the exclusive ecoStyle Gala.

An authority in green design that integrates both organic and inorganic elements in buildings, Dr. Ken Yeang is well-known as the inventor of the bioclimatic skyscraper which has had an impact around the world merging high tech and bio principles, and for his relentless pursuit of the ecological aesthetic in his building design.

Dr. Ken Yeang said, "I am truly delighted to have been nominated and now the recipient of the inaugural ecoStyle Award. This win is especially significant to me as a Malaysian and for Malaysia as it reiterates the importance of merging ecology and architecture design to harness a sustainable future.

Eco-design is designing in such a way that the human built environment integrates benignly and seamlessly with the natural environment. Both the human-made and the natural must blend together, so there will be no pollution, no waste, no detrimental consequences on the environment."

Dr. Yeang is also optimistic that through collective ethical commitment and education, it is possible to get the whole world community to implement green features and aspects in not just the building environment but also in our businesses, industry and our lifestyles. "This is something we all need to address for a common sustainable green future," he added.

ecoStyle connects style icons and creative minds and helps to build momentum for an environmental consciousness. ecoStyle is a multi-faceted international lifestyle event and Asia's first dedicated event that will focus attention on the importance of ecological sustainability and the environment through style and design increased an importance environmental consciousness will have on the future of planet earth.

The award was judged by a selection panel made up of high profile members from the style and design communities with a legitimate understanding and interest in the importance of environmental sustainability for the future of the planet.

"The ecoStyle concept was borne out of the global movement by fashion and design communities working towards environmental friendliness, ethical shopping, a shift towards renewable resources and efforts being made toward sustainability on a local and global level. The event looks to educate and encourage the public to adopt improved ways of maintaining sustainable design. ecoStyle Award celebrate significant achievements and contributions in environmentally sustainable design. Dr. Ken Yeang, reiterate the forward thinking nature of ecological developments in the country, the most pro-active in Asia." said Simon P. Lock, IMG FASHION Asia Pacific's Managing Director.

In the event's inaugural year, ecoStyle presents the following highlight event components: the ecoStyle Award, the Future Fashion Gala and the ecoDiary initiative targeting ecoWarriors.
The 'ecoDiary' initiative help create a better consciousness for the mainstream style set by enrolling the voices arid actions of ecoStyle inspirational style icons. A specially designed, limited edition hard-book diary, made out of recycled paper and embossed with the ecoStyle logo, the ecoDiary, has been produced and presented to leading figures, or ecoWarriors from across the international media, entertainment, architecture, fashion, style and design industries. ecoWarriors include Angela Lindvall, Carolyn Murphy, Denise Keller, Jamie Durie, Lily Cole, and Lina Teoh are asked to document their pro-active approach to combating environmental issues and promoting a sustainable lifestyle daily approach to to make a difference.












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