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Dreamgirls by Rohn Meijer presented by 72 Smalldive. 



MATERIALIMMATERIALI, a Singapore Design Festival Event is showcase at The Loft, Singapore from 28th November to 8th December 2007. Slide and photos courtesy of 72 Smalldive.


Milan city is a watershed of cutting-edge fashion and high-wattage glamour. Each season established brand names such as Giorgio Armani, Versace, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and emerging talents stage over 100 runway shows within a frenetic 1 week period. No one knows more intimately about these happenings than fashion and art photographer Rohn Meijer.

Adding to the glitz and excitement to Singapore Design Festival 2007 is Rohn Meijer’s limited print edition of Dreamgirls. Dreamgirls evokes memories of the hyped and frenzied world of fashion modeling during the 1990s – la belle epoque of Supermodels termed by Gianni Versace. Linda Evangelista’s claim, "I don't get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day” put into perspective the power and the influence of supermodels. With unprecedented access to their world, Rohn Meijer works reveal intimate, spontaneous, and glamorous shots of the models backstage during their heydays – these are images hitherto unseen until recently.

72 Smalldive, a long time admirer of Mr. Meijer’s work Dream Girls as an appoggiatura to ongoing exhibition at The Loof, Singapore.











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