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Bali Welcomes Fashionista to Bali Fashion Week VII




Bali Fashion Week VII will be held between 22nd and 25th November 2007 at Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Kuta, Bali.


Since 2005, Bali has been recognized as the most favored island in the world. It's rich culture, well-preserved tradition, as well as its highly creative and talented people, attracts International buyers to take the opportunity to source creative-related goods produced in Indonesia through Bali, perfect location for a culturally rich fashion week; Bali Fashion Week


Bali Fashion Week will provide an international medium for the Indonesian fashion business players to be part of, and at the same time to use this medium as a learning platform for the development of their businesses internationally.


Bali Fashion Week an annual trade event held by Moda Bali Foundation that combines fashion, art and culture. The Fashion Week is used as a platform for buyers and sellers to meet and discuss potential business relationships.


Bali is chosen to be the host of the event due to its popularity as a showcase to the international world within Indonesia. As an island that is full of inspiration, it also displays various arts & traditions from different parts of Indonesia, Bali possesses an attractive variety to both domestic and international markets. It has become inspired by the ever flowing creations seen in the “Island of the Gods”, such as;


crossing artistic & cultural borders…
alive with ideas and blossoming desires…
outstanding creative spirits…
dynamic designers and the best of the fashion industry working together…


Bali Fashion Week has been the choice venue for textile, garment, accessory, producers, professional designers and buyers from all over the globe and has been the springboard for numerous young talents searching for world recognition. This would eventually  promoting Indonesian culture through its traditional textiles and accessories.


Bali Fashion Week VII has become more individually selective while at the same time expanding the areas of selection, both nationally and internationally presenting only the best in creativity, artistry and quality for which this island is rightfully known.









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