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VOIR's Inspirations Unveil A Fresh Look

In Spring & Summer 2007 Collection



VOIR, a French word that means `vision to see, to behold', is a leading fashion brand within the VOIR Group of Companies which carries an extensive range of labels for men, women and even children. The group was established in the early 1980s and has grown steadily over the years to be recognized as a leading fashion corporation.

VOIR is a leading brand-cum-label, featuring a wide assortment of fashion wear, ranging from tops, skirts, dresses and trouser wear including footwear, accessories and also inner­wear clothing.

For the VOIR Spring/Summer 2007 Collection, the private fashion show staged in conjunction with the Mid-Valley Fashion Week will feature some of the latest attire from the labels of VOIR Clothing, VJ Jeans, VOIR Accessories and VOIR Shoes.

VOIR's fashion sense and directions exude a certain style and sophistication that appeal to the chic and trendy of today's fashion-conscious females. For those relaxed days and casual outings, the same audience would take to V J Jeans quite easily, as its casual and trendy designs are ever so modem and versatile.

This is the beauty of labels like VOIR and Vi Jeans where chic and trendy wear allow the ladies to use the apparel comfortably within their work environment as well as for social outings and relaxing weekends. For those who love to mix and match their choice of attire, VOIR is indeed a perfect label for the fashion adventurous female.

Typical of a Spring/Summer choice, VOIR 's collection revolves around beautiful soothing shades of browns, whites, creams and yellow, together with an interesting play on various types of greens, in particular lime green, olive green and even army green.

Another attraction of the VOIR Spring/Summer 2007 Collection will be the VOIR Shoes Collection, featuring a wide assortment of court shoes, platforms, slippers, sling-backs, sandals and open-toed designs. Available in a variety of gorgeous colors such as turquoise blue, army green, and this season's favorite metallics like silver, bronze and gold together with the ever-popular favorites of black, and white. Intricate detailing on straps and buckles seem to be a hot favorite in this season's collection.

Ever so trendy, VOIR Shoes allows females to build up an extensive wardrobe that can match almost any mood, occasion and fashion theme, without compromising on the comfort and quality factor.

With a combination of cutting-edge designs and innovative materials, VOIR attracts a wide age group of discerning females, ranging from those in their teens to the mid or early-30s for their wardrobe needs and fashion updates.

Check out VOIR 's latest Spring & Summer Collections at any of VOIR 's outlets covering some 19 boutiques and 71 counters at major departmental stores throughout Malaysia.








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