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Hush Puppies Apparel Spring Summer 2007



27th April, Kuala Lumpur - Hush Puppies Apparel, the quintessential brand for comfort, launches its Spring Summer 2007 collection in conjunction with The Mid Valley Fashion Week on Friday 27 1h April 2007. This year, Hush Puppies Apparel celebrates the new season with an unconventional spin to the usual fashion runway. A parade of musicians, dancers and models take to the stage with high-energy, heart-pumping and adrenaline-charging fervour that shows just how much fun fashion can be.

The theme of the Hush Puppies collection reinforces the notion of Freedom and Individuality with its tagline "Free To be ....". Fashion freedom comes in the form of wearing casual, comfortable clothes without trying to look like something you're not. It is an attitude of being unencumbered by rules and responsibility. Individuality in fashion means Hush Puppies clothes are casual and versatile enough for anyone to mix-n­match and accessorize to project their own fashion style. It is the feeling of being comfortable, happy, relaxed, spontaneous and simply yourself.

FREE TO BE CASUAL Cool khakis linen pants teamed with cream coloured linen shirts are key looks inspired by the Buena Vista Social Club in Cuba. Immediately relaxed and cool, this looks makes you look right at home in the bars of Havana to the beaches of San Tropez. For women, go ga-ga over the subtle detailing of embroidered tops, creamy tops and t-shirts.

FREE TO BE COMFORTABLE Fresh, fruity colours skip to the comfortable tune of knitted tops, T-shirts, Polo Tees, sporty hooded jackets and soft, cottony tops. Team these with shorts, cargo pants, denims and flared skirts for the Walk-In-The­Park look. These looks can be mixed and matched to take you back to the cool, Grease-inspired 70s, but with an updated twist.

FREE TO BE HAPPY Wear your favourite Hush Puppies jeans or denim skirt or accessorised with coloured scarves and denim jackets. These looks can take you anywhere from a hot date to a cool party. Choose tops that range from tangy pineapple yellows, sweet strawberries, juicy mangoes and bright blues









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