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Feel So Beautiful With Wacoal 2006 Summer Collections




17th April, Kuala Lumpur - Finally, a strapless bra that molds to your body so that slippage is a thing of the past. Move with confidence knowing you have firm support - Wacoal's new innovative strapless bra that will not budge. Wave the arms, gesture wildly or run for the bus -- the latest Wacoal strapless non-slip bra guarantees to stay put.


The latest innovative development by Wacoal's Human Science Research Centre in Japan, the strapless non-slip bra, is uniquely designed with a flexible structure in the top and side of the bra cup that keeps the bra from slipping, and the breasts nestled comfortably in its bra cups.


The innovatively designed molds in the bra cups leave a small gap between the bone of the inner and top of the cups. This gives it elasticity, which allows it to follow the breasts movements preventing the breasts from slipping out of its cups, retaining smooth and beautifully shaped breasts.


One common feedback with strapless bras is that they do not stay put. Simple movements such as lifting the hands up may cause the bra to slip, said Ms K. Yamamoto, Designer at Wacoal Corp. Japan. "We have developed the answer to this problem -- our strapless non-slip bra. Developed and tested at Wacoal's Human Science Research Centre, we have produced a bra that will keep its shape, example, holds breasts firmly in the cups, via a special elastic give in the bra cups, while providing a comfortable fit," added Ms K. Yamamoto

Tests conducted have shown that Wacoal's strapless non-slip bra held firmly with minimum slippage and spillage. Test participants wore Wacoal's strapless non-slip bras and other regular strapless bra designs and were asked to make various movements such as waving the arms in circles, stretching and bending down to pick up things. The result was that test participants wearing Wacoal's strapless non-slip bra held firm while the other strapless bras slipped from its original position. The flexi-cup edge design of Wacoal's strapless non-slip bra, allowed it to move with the body, reducing the spillage problem .

Now you can stand tall and show off your best assets with confidence, knowing that you have the Wacoal's firm support!

The strapless non-slip bra will retail at RM109.90 at all Wacoal outlets. It is available in 2 colors with matching panties RM33.90 (size M to L) - Nude and dark chocolate.








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