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m-ifa Announce Exciting Lineup of
Malaysian Top Designers
 for Malaysia International Fashion Week 2011.



Photo courtesy of m-ifa 


Malaysia International Fashion Week (M-IFW) returns for its ninth runs which boasts seven days show and an even more exciting line-up with a top-class Malaysian and International designer names like Tom Abang Saufi Khoon Hooi and Ashley Isham.

This much-anticipated homegrown international fashion event will be held at Zebra Square, in Kuala Lumpur from 21 - 27 November 2011 and will highlight, amongst other highlights, Tom Abang Saufi, Khoon Hooi, Ashley Isham, Jovian Mandagie, PU3, Amir Luqman, Kavita, Klutched, Cacac, Gallo showcase their collection in fashion week.

Malaysia International Fashion Week is driven by trade event and is giving Malaysian designers opportunity to grow their market overseas. The shows and gala nights of the MIFW attract an A-list group comprising royalties, corporate moguls and personalities, socialites and celebrities.

Malaysia-International Fashion Week 2011 (M-IFW'11) one of the premiere fashion events in the region is organised by the Malaysian International Fashion Alliance (mifa).





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