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Jimmy Lim presents “Utopian Traveller”
Spring/Summer 2011 Collection at
Malaysia International Fashion Week 2010



Award-winning Malaysian fashion designer Jimmy Lim recently showcased his latest Spring/Summer 2011 collection at Malaysia International Fashion Week 2010. Jimmy Lim was awarded the prestigious title of ‘Fashion Design Ambassador’ at New Zealand Fashion Week recently.

The designer made his debut at Malaysia International Fashion Week in his fourth year at the fashion week, his latest collection entitled ‘Utopian Traveller’. The theme is inspired by the emotions of travelling to our hearts to create the perfect place he describes as utopia.

The collection incorporates luxurious fabrics with sport-wear pattern blocks for comfort and wearability. Garment cuts are relaxed and nearly gender neutral to give a sense of effortless chic

“My collection aims to meet the demands of the cool-crowd who wish to create the ultimate fashion statement. They wear attitude like a uniform to give definition to their identity”, says Lim.

Jimmy Lim’s signature colours of black, grey and white dominates the collection, with experimental colours of champagne and ivory combined with accents of silver and gold.


The philosophy behind Lim’s designs is to ‘play’ without restrictions, enabling garments to be mixed and matched by the wearer to create a truly personal style.




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