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Eric Choong
Launched Bridal and Eveningwear Collection 2011
at M-IFW 2010



Malaysia-International Fashion Week 2010 is perfect platform for Malaysian top designer Eric Choong unveiled his bridal and eveningwear collection 2011 at Asia Magic Gala, in the centre of Pavilion Shopping Centre. His label showcase during the Malaysia fashion week had signify bridal and eveningwear label spanning over 20 years. His collection pays tribute to the beauty and timelessness of Swan Lake.

“The first time I watched the ballet Swan Lake, a tale of love, underlined by the classic theme of Good versus Evil, or symbolically, Light versus Dark. I was struck by its sheer beauty, elegance and timelessness. I was inspired by how the ballerinas were able to tell a story so powerful, purely by the beauty and grace of their movements. I wanted to infuse these elements into this collection.” Said Eric Choong.

Eric Choong decided to include both my Bridal and Eveningwear lines under one collection this year, with bridal gowns representing Princess Odette and the white swans, and coloured eveningwear representing Von Rothbart and his daughter Odile.

Eric Choong chose silk chiffon as dominant fabric for collection, a soft flowing fabric to convey the softness and fluidity of movement of the ballet. Eric Choong wanted simple classic silhouettes for gowns, each unique by texture layers, ruffles and flounces. Each piece is embellished with Swarovski Elements.





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