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Kai unveiled Spring Summer 2011 Collection
at Bangkok International Fashion Week



Somchai Kaewthong, Known as Kai, is that last of Thailand’s true couturiers. Famed for his lavish evening wear and bridal couture, Kai designs clothes that make women look beautiful and feel special. He has dressed generations of best dressed ladies from first ladies, stars, celebrities and CEO’s. But designing for the Thai royal family is his greatest sources of pride.

Somchai “Kai” Kaewthong emphasizes the highest level of craftsmanship and customization to his work.

Kai’s legendary atelier produces finely crafted made-to-order clothes for day and evening. His clients range from society stalwarts to teens attending their first prom to brides and bridesmaids and include both Thai and other Asian ladies of sophisticated taste. He also designs pręt-a-porter line.





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