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" Come Back Again !! " Viva Bangkok International Fashion Week 2007



7th March, Bangkok - The greatest fashion phenomenon of The Year reviving the Bangkok Fashion City Project to kick off on 15-18 March,2007 at Siam Paragon, The World Class Shopping Complex.

Thailand's leading shopping center; Siam Paragon, Siam Center, The Emporium and Siam Discovery Center showcase the most anticipated fashion phenomenon of Thai fashion industry, a revival of Bangkok Fashion City project . With more than 30-year experience in the fashion industry and, the four giants are more than ready to host "Bangkok International Fashion Week 2007".The event runs from 15-18 March 2007 at Parc Paragon, Siam Paragon.

With a budget of over 50 million baht and collaborations of 13 leading local designers , the fashion shows in magnificent as designers visualize their inspiration before the world. In addition, the show will be joined by internationally renowned brand names and alliances such as Nation Newspaper, Harper's Bazaar Magazine, Kasikorn Bank, Nokia, BMW, Lor'eal and Muang Thai Life Assurance.

Bangkok International Fashion Week is set to strengthen competitiveness fashion entrepreneurs and designers on the world stage, to promote Thai Fashion branding and foster Bangkok as a world-class fashion capital and regional fashion hub.

The glamorous catwalk shows will feature latest collections from Thai leading designers namely ANR, Flynow, Greyhound by Nokia, Inspired by Inner Complexity, Kai, Nude Colors by L'Oreal Professional, Theater, Time's End, Tippy & Matthew, Tube Gallery and Yosawadee, together with precious diamonds and jewelries top 10 jewelers for example, Frank's Jewelry Creation and Blue River Diamond will add vivacity to the marvelous show.

To widen the market through showcasing the latest development and creations in Thai fashion industry, Bangkok International Fashion Week 2007 significantly open the window of opportunity of Thai designers to shine brightly in the fashion world namely Dress Code,30 new-face designers playing out with Thai fashion industry, furthermore, proudly elaborate the first show ever of " FASH ", a fashionably phenomenal collabration of the sharp young-blood designers.

The event is stylishly presented through fashion exhibition and fashion show through a breathtaking fashion troop. Parch Paragon is magically transformed into a luxurious Grand Runway, with a capacity to accept more than 1,000 participants a show while Hall of Fame is decorated as the trendiest exclusive Fashion Lounge "Bar@Bazaar" to entertain guests and press during the interval.

Last but not least, well-know international leading brand names-Jimmy Choo from London, Dorian Ho from Hong Kong and Khoon Hooi from Malaysia-are presented with the worthless awards " Bangkok International Fashion Week 2007, Recognition Awards" at Fashion Hall, 1st Floor specially designed under the concept " International Fashion Showcase" These international recognition brand names along with Thai designer brand names also displays their latest collection and masterpiece for up-close viewing. Most excitingly, fashionistas and celebrities as well as international fashion columnist also join the event to witness the great fashion phenomenon.

Experience the new face of Thai fashion industry, the proud of all Thai, in "Bangkok International Fashion Week 2007" between15-18 March 2007 at Siam Paragon. For more information please contact 0-26108082

Bangkok International Fashion Week 2007 showcase details

Thursday 15 March,2007
16.00 hr. - Nude Colors by L'Oreal Professionel
19.00 hr. - Tippy & Matthew
21.00 hr. - Time's End

Friday 16 March,2007
16.00 hr. - Faculty of Fine Art, Srinakarinwirot University
19.00 hr. - ANR
21.00 hr. - TUBE Gallery

Saturday 17 March,2007
15.00 hr. - Dress Code
17.00 hr. - Inner Complexity
19.00 hr. - Theatre

Sunday 18 March 2007
17.00 hr. - Kai Boutique
19.00 hr. - Yosawadee
21.00 hr. - FLY NOW








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