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Beijing 2008 Olympic Designer Debut in
Hong Kong Fashion Week.


Hu Shequang is a popular Dutch Chinese couture fashion designer from Mongolia in China. His creation "Future Queen" was showcase in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2008.

The `Future Queen' is not another chapter of Hu's fashion, but a drama embracing royalty, love and peace where rebellion and confrontation are there.

As a Hu's creation, the Queen in the future remains her royal character, she is still a respectful and beloved figure in a world where love is a limited matter, where people are confronting on every front in ordinary living. His creation define the future where love and beauty of Queen to embrace the changing world.

Hu Shequang has been living with his family in the Netherlands since at the age 16. He was trained in oil painting in China and went to study in the Dutch Rietveld Fashion Academy in the Netherlands where he developed a unique style and translates his Chinese and Dutch background to a combination between the soft feel of chiffon, silk and the hardness of leather.

Hu Fashion label has been established since 2002 in the heart of Doetinchem, a province on the East end of the Netherlands and a province embracing creative industries.

Hu Shequang designed haute couture for members of the Dutch Royal Family, especially designed the couture for the Dutch Queen. He is the fashion designer for many stage performance and advertisements in Holland, including Proche. Hu Shequang has selected as a member of the fashion design team for Beijing Olympic Games 2008.






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