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Vivien Ng (East Meet West)


LABEL ASIA 2006 witness the participation of VIMAC in fashion asia. VIMAC is the brainchild of Vivien Ng, a multitalented, creative entrepreneur whose interests and skills span a broad spectrum ranging from fashion, interior decoration and furniture to Feng Shui and Destiny Analysis.

This collective yet complimentary set of skills and knowledge enables Vivien to offer a truly unique service to her clients, be it fashion retailers looking for the next look for the upcoming season, someone looking to build their dream home that is harmonious with Feng Shui principles, a commercial property that capitalize on the advantages of Feng Shui or simply someone looking for beautiful classical furniture to lace in their office or home.

Today, VIMAC is one of Singapore's leading importers of high fashion wear from Paris, Milan, USA and Hong Kong, representing brands like "Eden Rose", "Orna Farho", "Cocktail by Night", "Sagie", "Adam Pour Sue", "Gemini" and "Marzulio"(Italian Ties For Men).

VIMAC are also carrying latest designs from the Amit GT collections. The designer, Amit Gupta joined NIFT in the year 2000.When he was in his first year of the college, he was a winner at a prestigious international competition for young designers called 'CIAE International Fashion Awards'.

Vivien Ng 's exclusive collections of classic and elegant evening hand bags. Beautifully handstitched with Beads, colourful stones and selected crystals. VIVIEN NG (EAST MEETS WEST) Collections towards oriental and mix of western styles. Fashion passion by Vivien where the design base on east meet west. A mosaic of styles and influence of eastern design and fabric married with western styles. It is the epitome of modern wear and it is infinitely comfortable. It creates unique stylish creations worn by those who personify style and culture.

Vivien Ng's boutique can be reach at 515 Changi Road, Singapore 419916 Tel: (65) 62434098 or email vivien@vimacgroup.com.

VIVIEN NG (EAST MEETS WEST) Collections are also available at  Kuala Lumpur and Penang.








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