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Venie Tee



Her portrayal is sweet, magical, and sensual folkloric entries, that have become the image of Venie Tee label, symbols of her feminine ideal.

The world of Venie Tee is one of seduction and charm, of spontaneous verve
and impetuous irony, with exquisite, sweet and full of energy. She loves to travel, and surrounds herself with whimsical, antiques and modern objects, her passions are painting and music; but fashion is the greatest passion of them all.

For Venie Tee, fashion is a mixture of sensations and cultural influences, from the past and towards the future, for a sexy, feminine and playful modern woman, such as she is herself.
Venie Tee's collections take you on a creative journey that is unparalleled in the world of fashion. Mixing vintage styles with her current cultural obsessions, she effortlessly makes chic and bubbly original clothes.

This soon evolved through to swanky classic suits and tuxedo formal attire guaranteed to last for seasons to come.

PERFECT in BLACK 's boutique is located at 79 Kim Yam Road, #01-01 Singapore 239374 Head Office Tel: (65) 6734 6502 Boutique Tel: (65) 6732 3723 Fax: (65) 6238 6702 or email inquiries@perfectinblack.com and website www.perfectinblack.com.







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