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Burgundy by Vicky Tay.


Vicky Tay, the electrical engineering graduate is the founder and creative brain behind Burgundy. Being fascinated by fashion at an early age, Vicky had an option to study fashion design but elected to study engineering at London’s Imperial College.

Graduating with first class honours, the electrical engineer-turneddesigner decided to pursue her love of fashion instead. Having not been formally trained in fashion design, Vicky credits her mother for influencing her tastes in fashion adding that her mother’s love for luxury brand’s like Ferragamo guided her towards her design direction – a classic, minimalist timeless look.

Vicky Tay, who is entirely in charge of the companies creative decisions, says she bases her decisions mostly on intuition. “There is no big concept, or theatrics behind the designs, it is simply a feeling of what women want,” says Vicky of her creative ideology.





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