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Abyzz by Desmond Yang.


Abyzz is a derivation from the word ‘abyss’. Abyss is the deepest part of the ocean where no man could venture. There are life forms that men have never encountered. Abyzz is a reflection of such mystery and uniqueness. It has a timeless appeal while always embodying some refreshing twist.

Desmond Yang’s wizard of fusions seamlessly blends edginess into his classic form-fitting pieces which exude a sense of uncontrived elegance. Desmond unique design won numerous fashion competitions such as the Smirnoff International Fashion Awards in 1998 and 2000.

Desmond’s superb tailoring ability has enabled him to be very versatile. The smart-casuals and club-wears are trendy, edgy and some multi-functional. Desmond is just as comfortable in designing fun cocktails as well as sleek evening dresses. With much international appeal, abyzz is sold in stores in the regional countries well as in New York, USA.

Intended for the intellectuals of the new millennium, abyzz is for women of discernment who are unafraid to revel in who they are. They demand outfits that not only enhance their silhouette, but at the same time leave a lasting impression.





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