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Visit Malaysia Year 2007




Ong-Art Niramon



The return of a senior designer: Khun Pong, Ong-Art Niramon who owns the famous quote like ‘Fashion is Fashion. Clothes and accessories are people’s outer shell. They therefore vary, depending on how one wants one’s own shell. In order to survive in the fashion business, I have to choose the most beautiful shell that will suit all kinds of people, which means creative and sellable.’

Mr.Ong-Art reborn in ELLE Fashion Week 2007 Spring & Summer at CentralWorld under the brand Ong-Art Niramon that promises to create the Ong-Art Niramon-ism for women, by means of contemporary summer’s collection that can be used on any occasion. It is comfortable, presenting in the form of short sports wear like mini skirt or shorts because he personally admires ladies with killer’s legs








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