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Miss Triumph dazzles at MIFW 2007.


The latest Miss Triumph collection redefines what it means to be chic. The modish lingerie is a dazzling rainbow of colours, themes and concepts and it kicks off with three brand new series: ‘Shakespeare in Love’, ‘Tiny Time’ and ‘Mystic Beauty.’ Each and every line brings a primo look to the wearer, so whatever your mood and however you feel, grab a Miss Triumph and go out on the town with a bang!

Fashion isn’t just about outerwear; it’s also about lingerie. Everyone knows a girl has got to have style, so why should that be only for clothes everyone sees? A girl wants to feel hip and sexy underneath too. Triumph’s latest lines lets girls express their passionate side with ‘Shakespeare in Love’, set their fun side loose with ‘Tiny Time’, and unleash seduction as a sexy temptress with ‘Mystic Beauty’! Whatever line choose with Miss Triumph, a girl’s got some serious options.

When slip on ‘Shakespeare in Love’ from Miss Triumph, let imagination run riot. Are you going to be a damsel in distress, or the one riding to your beau’s rescue? Whatever you choose you know that ‘Shakespeare in Love,’ with its floral patterns, and sweet little trailing ribbons will carry you away you to a world of flirtation and frolics. Feel the touch of the soft material caressing your skin and watch those guys eat out of the palm of your hand…

The new ’Tiny Time’ range from Miss Triumph will bring out your cheeky side. The aqua marine hues burst into the open bringing an electric atmosphere that crackles with an edgy visage. When it’s time to get up and go ‘Tiny Time’ will create a buzz that gets you noticed and gives a wake up call that nobody will forget!

Now it’s choice of naughty, or nice, or maybe both at the same time. Have a ball with ‘Mystic Beauty’ from Miss Triumph. Take control and explore the provocative side: girls love a bit of mystery surrounding them. The combination of black and white, with racy red criss-crossed ribbons will take anybody’s breath away! ‘Mystic Beauty’ from Miss Triumph is definitely something to be flaunted: when wearing this, nothing and nobody will stop expressing the independence.

So whatever you are into, however you want to dress, remember that Miss Triumph has got the gear just for you!





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