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Visit Malaysia Year 2007




Margaret Anne Fashions



Designer Margaret Talbi is following her passion to design after a career of fashion lecturer, fashion illustrator and freelance patternmaker. Having lived and worked in France. she was recently invited again to exhibit for the second time at the Pret-a-Porter in Paris.

Charged with a sense of freedom. the Margaret Anne resort collection is sensual and chic, with feminine and interchangeable pieces that are very much European Influenced. Inspired by the Australian landscape, there is burnt orange and red to depict the fierce desert sands and mountains at sunset. Stunning Australian native and tropical flowers are draped on the body. There is also the changing blue and green colours of the ocean and skies as well as the wonderous and mesmerising colours of the Australian opal.

Australian hand painted and digitally printed or embroidered fabrics predominate as well as quality exclusive fabrics are from Europe including Swiberland, Italy, Spain and France, Thailand, Japan. Unique linen, pleated and jacquard cotton, digitally printed lycras and silks dominate. Unique Australian digitally printed, painted and embroidered cotton and silks

At the forefront of Australian Fashion, hannii encapsulates the beauty of tomorrow modern woman. 'Ghlnois' in style, hannii embodies a sophisticated mixture of beauty, elegance and spirituality. Rich in fabric, texture and colour, hannii's approach is distinctive, contemporary but timeless.

Margaret Anne Fashion's boutique is located at 127 Sheoak Road, Belair, South Australia Head Office Tel: (61) 8 8370 3798 or email margsmolatyahoodotfr.







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