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Kenneth Vernon



The concept behind Kenneth Vernon's distinctive out of the box designs spells balance between the deconstructed, avant-garde and commercial value. Abandoning the safe pastures of conventionality, Kenneth Vernon's risky and audacious designs breathe life into dull clothing. Promoting a fusion of uniqueness and character, the label aims to create the notion that apparels are mobile artwork on human bodies.

The brain behind the label is its creator and owner - aspiring young Malaysian fashion designer Kenneth Cheong Yuing Harn. He was one of the finalists for the 2004 MIFA's (Malaysia International Fashion Award) upcoming designer award. His maiden show won numerous acclaims for his bold avant-garde design. The success prompted him to embark on more innovative designs and subtle cuttings. Since then, his timeless collection won the hearts of many and appeared on various fashion magazines and fashion shows.

Influenced profoundly by his artistic family background, Kenneth is fascinated with creating a fresh style. "I'm only interested in making something new, something that is never seen before," says the designer, "I've always done what I believe in." He aims come up with a totally creative and inspired concept that can be done on a fashion show, and then interpreted into wearable style. "I want a risky design. No thanks if the clothes were too safe and too sleepy," he continued.

As quoted by a renowned local fashion designer in a magazine, "Kenneth always have a balancing point between his own personality characteristic and commercial apply on his design." His target market will be the fashion savvy Japanese market, where much appreciation is given to deconstructed designs.

The brand message Kenneth Vernon intends to convey is that his designs may look bleak and lifeless on the hanger, but transforms into a strong embodiment of style and exclusiveness on human bodies. There is something exceptional behind every piece of Kenneth Vernon's design; it is a fulfilling encounter that can only be explained through experience.

Kenneth Vernon's collection "Insane" is inspired by the unique lifestyle of insane people. Emphasis is placed on what they wear, their thoughts and their perspective of the world. The aim is to delve deeper into their world and design clothing that reflect them. Tops with matching soft and hard fabric and short pants with transformable front and back are among the classy items in this collection.








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