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M-IFW 2008 Presents “Make Out Like A Bandit”
Spring/Summer 2009 By Jimmy Lim  




Collection "Make Out Like A Bandit" by Jimmy Lim.
Photo by Chow KF. Click for bigger pictures 

Jimmy Lim
, Malaysian-born designer rose to fame has been elected as one of the ‘Top Ten Rising Stars’ of Malaysia Fashion and his Spring/Summer 2009 collection was showcase at Malaysia International Fashion Week. An acclaimed fashion designer was also, awarded the prestigious title of ‘Fashion Design Ambassador’ at New Zealand Fashion Week. Jimmy Lim present his latest Spring/Summer 2009 showcase collection entitled ‘Make Out Like a Bandit’.



Following tremendous success after the launch of his fashion label in New Zealand in 1999. At a time when fashion trends have locked one’s creativity of breaking out of fashion restrictions and going against the norm, it is no surprise that Jimmy Lim has defiantly broken free from the trends, instead standing tall on his beliefs on freedom of dressing and unisex clothing where there are no rules. Empowering people to become the very best they can, Jimmy Lim promotes a clash of femininity and masculinity, creating a truly androgynous look.


“We live in a uniformed society of rules and control which we often rebel, striving for ones say and freedom”, says Jimmy Lim. With society fighting for a sense of breaking-free and honoured with self pride and dignity, Jimmy believes there is a close relationship with wildlife and its habitat where animals strive for the survival of the fittest. “Just like a bandit out of the hills, one must capitalise on the opportunities presented along life’s journey” says Jimmy Lim.

Jimmy Lim’s “Make Out Like A Bandit” ready-to-wear collection conveys the theme of a well balanced ‘mix-match’ dressing. The lean and long silhouette takes centre stage combined with feminine fabrications with laser cut tailoring. The collection features a parachute jacket and vest with magnified pocket details – one of Jimmy’s key looks for the season. Adding to the mix, pants are cut flowy, dresses relaxed, tops lengthy and the seasons must have, Jimmy’s very own limited signature printed tops.

“I am thrilled and honoured to be contributing to Malaysia International Fashion Week for the second year running. It has helped significantly to put my label firmly on the world’s fashion map”, said Jimmy Lim.






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