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Jimmy Lim Showcase “Silent Pitch”
Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection at
M-IFW 2008  




Collection "Silent Pitch" by Jimmy Lim.
Photo by Chow KF. Click for bigger pictures 

Jimmy Lim
, an acclaimed fashion designer where he was awarded the prestigious title of ‘Fashion Design Ambassador’ at New Zealand Fashion Week presented his latest Autumn/Winter 2009 showcase collection entitled ‘Silent Pitch’ alongside other top international designers from Asia in ‘Truly Asia’ showcase at Malaysia International Fashion Week.

Malaysian-born rose to fame following tremendous success after the launch of his fashion label in New Zealand in 1999. In naming his collection “Silent Pitch”, one might ask how a pitch can be silent, however Jimmy Lim is known for quirky twists and intentional contradictions in his work. Jimmy Lim’s highly anticipated show promises to be a striking and memorable event.



Jimmy Lim drew inspiration for his collection from the classic murder theme in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie soundtrack PSYCHO, after gaining interest in classical horror, thriller and suspense movies which started the mood-board for his latest designs. Jimmy is fascinated how scary movies are reflected upon us and says “We often create our own fear and problems in life, and it is my belief that fear is the number one aspect which holds people back from achieving their dreams, hence the strong need for us all to embrace it.” The young designer linked this idea to his work, especially his seasonal signature prints.

His collection includes excitedly mixed hard and soft fabrications to create texture, with enzyme washed, peroxide bleached and sand-blasted denim dominating the collection, whilst clashing perfectly with soft jersey knit, silk and satin. Jimmy Lim’s intentionally included contradictions include pants which are either slim or baggy, dresses relaxed or tight, tops with layers of different lengths, extra-large pockets and his own limited signature printed tops.


All pieces are specially designed to allow the wearer to mix and match, creating their own personal style with no rules, one of Jimmy’s all-time beliefs. “Jimmy Lim gives everyone the freedom of judgment to have their own say on their own personal belonging, starting from how they dress themselves, giving them the freedom to create and play with fashion”, says Jimmy Lim.

After successful collaboration with Berlin based illustration artist Chih Hung, the collection features a 50’s modernism artwork of a murderer with the slogan “Hello my friend! Yes, it’s me!”, a reflection of one’s own killer of fear. Jimmy Lim is also presenting a series of his garment photographs, shot and exhibited in New Zealand entitled ‘Rendezvous’ portraying where the monster in us takes over the innocence of our own mind.

Born in Malaysia and bred in New Zealand, Jimmy Lim incubated his label locally in New Zealand and has now expanded to his roots in Asia. Following numerous triumphs, Jimmy has made significant advancements at an international level which has gained him much popularity. “I am very excited to show my full Autumn/Winter collection at this event. It is a real challenge and a great platform to take the Jimmy Lim brand even higher in 2009”, said Jimmy Lim.





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