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Visit Malaysia Year 2007







Geometric made appearance in Bangkok Fashion Week 2006. Geometric colors is a hair concept that was inspired by geometric of all forms: square, round, straight, curve or even zigzag. The attribute of this new concept is greater with the use of variation of colors that enhances the grooming and hair styles of the '60s when people were exhilarated by the disco era and golden trend with the creation of three new styles for women namely called `icon.'

The first of its kind being `Chic Icon,'-for a confident woman with short hair-this particular look requires fineness in styling, making the line of the cut match with the face harmoniously. The 'Pretty Icon' is suitable for an extremely coquettish woman with light brown color adorned by a round geometric form haircut around the face and an angle at the tip of the hairembodying voluptuous make-up tone like the metamorphosed butterflies

awaken in the heat of the night. Finally the 'Glamorous Icon' is a look for charming and modish ladies with shades that enhance the contour of the eyes striking the 'smokey eyes' look-with long hair but curve at the tip giving and ardor of the women in the '60s who belie power.

About this collection, Saisuda Cheuwiwat says, "Geometric is inspired from simple lines but when you fuse them together they can create various feelings. Every square or curve can communicate meaningful message. Hence, creating hair styles with the geometric concept is very exciting-both for the distinctive haircut and for the new attribute that corresponds to the texture of hair color." As for Somporn Tirin he says, "Geometriccolors is vitamin-related fashion-the clothes feature colorful trend so therefore the color of the hair should be a different dimension with purple and golden shades alternated with each other-oozing the spirits of the '60s, the disco, joyful and coquettish demeanor-the time that women were not afraid to be themselves. I wish everyone could see it. This show will be the kick-off event on Thursday 16, March."

During this event, hairstylists will discover new methods and upcoming color trends for the new season. Women who don't want to be left out of trend should really check this out-there will be plenty of looks to adopt to welcome this hot summer. Apart from the hair trend, the colorful make-up shades brought to you by L'Oreal Paris are no less dashing.







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