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Daniel Chong



The sartorial sensational charms of the 30s with a dash of the Arabian night as an appeal centered on the dazzling mermaid dresses of nighttime seduction by Daniel Chong.

Boasting a deluxe and splendor sensuality that underscores the reminisce curves blended into with tantalizing lines, hypnotic necklines in flamboyance urban sexiness of working class women.

The beauty of hourglass silhouette is being embedded through the exquisite cutting blended with exquisite fabrics such as velvet, silk sateen and chiffon woven intelligently to bring out a true sensual woman.

Elegant French laces interwoven giving a sensational touch and feel with coordinated colors of romance play around kinetically... black with rich turquoise, a dreamy combination that is very alluring.

Daniel Chong made to order haute couture design using luxuries fabric, lavish Decorations, dramatic sequins, beading and emboidery complemented by accessories ringing from handcrafted, Daniel Chong Attire from shoes to jewelry. Creating fashion for individual needs, designing for distinct personalities and their lifestyles.

Daniel Chong 's design follows on 3 ultimate personalities which describe person who is subscribe to glamour, comfort,  practicality and luxuries.








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