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Greyhound presented by Nokia



The collection that Greyhound proudly presents in 2007 Bangkok International Fashion Week, is named "Midnight Midsummer Call, Greyhound by Nokia" invented with great inspiration from the immortal Work of Antonio Gaudi, world's renowned Spanish architecture who initiated Work piece in Art Nouveau Style.

The collection reflects great enchantment, extravaganza as well as free form design with unlimited use of material, somehow still firms in its identity in Greyhound character with distinctiveness from the touch of mystery in Grey Black ,and Navy Blue as well as the use of Almost White color scheme such as Light Purple, Blue Beige and Pastel including beige, green, sandy pink, mellow blue and etc.

This collection is all about the combination of various fabrics Which is used to create a stark, contrast look including techno fabric, lightweight and volumes of cotton silk, chiffon and knitwear, and etc.

Since fashion always revolves around us with great dynamics, Nokia and greyhound will stay still in line with the future development in order to fit any one's lifestyle and identity.





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