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Visit Malaysia Year 2007




AB Normal



Mr. Thaweesak Samanmit, also known as Khun Ab , owner of AB-Normal Boutique, was a young designer in ELLE Fashion Week three years ago. He said that, ĎI feel extremely glad that ELLE Magazine Thailand has given me another opportunity to expose myself differently. For the collection to show in ELLE Fashion Week 2007 Spring & Summer at CentralWorld, it will be in mix & match style; simple but with intricate details, including my own obsession of using brown colour. I will reduce the vintage-ness for this collection, but instead,I will apply minimalism for the simpler and more easy-to-wear effect. I have also chosen only outstanding, high-quality fabrics. Brown will continue to be the signature colour of AB-Normal, but Iíll add the summerís delights of yellow, green and blue to my design as well.í








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