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Visit Malaysia Year 2007







The move of Zenithorial in ELLE Fashion Week 2007 Spring & Summer at CentralWorld is the concept of All About Length. All kinds of lengths are applied in a variety of ways; whether they be in sleeves, torso and legs; from extremely long to totally short.

The collection is also include different graphic pattern in the white-black-red tone. The designer, Mr. Adisak Rojsiriphan ,claimed that, ĎAs soon as I was told that Elle Magazine Thailand would hold ELLE Fashion Week twice a year, I felt really excited. I used to work only on menís clothes, but when I had a chance to expose my womenís collection in ELLE Fashion Week, I became famous. I created compactable clothes, which suited normal life style. The public response was great!! Then came this announcement for 2 seasons a year, that means designers like me have been given more chances to communicate with local and international customers. A proper sale and show system would then be created for each season. For Zenithorial this year, I use fabrics and colours to define the collection.I use bright colours for summer and darker tones for winter. And for ELLE Fashion Week 2007 Spring & Summer at CentralWorld, I have prepared everything special for the event; from the show setting, accessories, to models. I am sure everyone will be looking forward to seeing it.í








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