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Therein lies the innate beauty of 'Black' that seduced entrepreneur and designer, Anthea Chan, into marrying her passion for fashion with her penchant for this distinguished shade.

As Anthea herself explains "Black is slimming, alluring, mysterious, easy to keep clean, goes with everything else in your wardrobe, and you can never go wrong wearing it. Overall, black is a magical colour that can transform people by giving them a mystical air of sophistication, and moreover, it is an all-time classic. "

Anthea's brainchild, PERFECT in BLACK
, was launched in Singapore and is positioned as the Specialist in Black Apparel and Accessories for all occasions.

Inspiration is drawn from everyday life experiences from North America, Europe and Asia as Anthea creates designs that are a perennial fashion statement in itself. Every piece confers to its wearer qualities parallel to that of Black: mystery, elegance, sensuousness, luxury and glamour.

's comprehensive collection caters to all individuals for any occasion, night or day.

Its versatile range extends from sporty-chic casual wear; stylish yet functional formal coordinates; wild and sexy clubbing togs; right through to elegant cocktail pieces and luxurious, glamorous evening gowns.

Simply gorgeous in their appeal, the PERFECT in BLACK
's gowns are made to complement every figure. Teamed with the matching accessories available, they exude an even more captivating aura.


Launched in 2004, a lingerie extension of PERFECT in BLACK
, 'THE NAUGHTY CORNER' was introduced for femme fatales, in flattering black that is synonymous with wicked sex appeal, coy seduction, charming coquettishness and flirtatious femininity.


Summer brings hot parties and quiet sunsets on tropical beaches - the perfect time to party and playful joie de vivre in the latest array of beachwear by PERFECT in BLACK

Splash out in style with the latest array of comfortable, stretchable and functional delights especially when paired with sheer or revealing separates


Extending on PERFECT in BLACK
's signature monochrome collection, the Haute Couture Collection is an elaborate and exclusive line up featuring textiles and details bearing evidence of uncompromised dedication.


Endless requests for a men's line have resulted in PERFECT in BLACK
's long awaited `MEN IN BLACK' which was launched in 2004 with an initial collection featuring a funky casual look geared towards the clubbing culture.

This soon evolved through to swanky classic suits and tuxedo formal attire guaranteed to last for seasons to come.

PERFECT in BLACK 's boutique can be located at 79 Kim Yam Road, #01-01 Singapore 239374 Head Office Tel: (65) 6734 6502 Boutique Tel: (65) 6732 3723 Fax: (65) 6238 6702 or email inquiriesatperfectinblackdotcom and website wwwperfectinblackdotcom.








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